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Diamond Campers - Custom Made Campers & Vehicle Solutions

Luxury Camping

Our Camper Trailers are built with you in mind from the start:
Uncompromising quality and advanced engineering go into every Diamond Camper. That’s because unlike other campers,
Diamond Campers engineer your requirements right from the start and not added as an afterthought. This ensures your exclusive camper is an expression of style, quality and refinement down to the smallest

Licence No. MRB5140

Luxury isn't an option it comes
as standard...

Diamond Camper Trailers

KMB 4x4 Accessories & Camping Solutions

At Kanyana Engineering, we build quality custom off-road fitouts to suit all types of vehicles.
From rock-sliders to storage and compartments to store your equipment safely, Kanyana Engineering can help you on your next 4 x 4 venture.
Our team of highly skilled qualified tradespeople are experienced at designing and building products that are functional and durable, and no design is too complicated. 

KMB Range

4x4 Custom Accessories
  • Storage inside or out
  • Mesh options
  • Slide out draw systems
  • Powdercoated or stainless steel shelving
  • High grade stainless steel hinges and fittings
  • Fuel cap custom designed in stainless steel
  • Heavy duty gas struts
  • Reinforced flooring
  • Exterior or interior lighting
  • Rear or side steps
  • Roof racks
  • Cargo Carriers
  • Camping & Touring Accessories
  • Rear Draws
  • Recovery Storage Systems
  • Rock Sliders
  • Side Steps
  • Rear Bar Carriers
  • Wheel Carriers
  • Underbody Protection
  • Rear Protection Bars
  • Fridge Slides custom made
  • Cargo Barrier
  • Camper/Carvan Trailer Racks
  • Trade Racks Custom Built
  • Boat Lift Systems up to 180-kgs
  • Caravan Storage Boxes Custom Made
  • And much more...
Designed and Manufactured for our Australian tough standards with certified Australian materials.

KMB Brochure

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